Успей заказать ЛРТЖ поддоны для бочек и IBC кубов! Есть на складе. Доступные цены. Торг уместен. ))

Универсальный минеральный абсорбент СОРБИКС, осушитель подстилки с дезэффектом Хлорисан, гидрозатворы / многоразмерные пневматические заглушки для труб, сорбирующие рулоны, салфетки, подушки и боны, ЛАРН оборудование, ЛРТЖ поддоны для бочек и IBC - всегда в наличии на складе в 20 км от Москвы. Заказывайте и забирайте сразу после зачисления оплаты.

Our absorbent, cleaning products, drum & IBC spill pallets and spill trays are able to solve any spill treatment and clean-up task that you may face:

  • treatment and elimination of spills: crude oil and oil based products, fuels and lubricants, agressive, toxic and unknown or dangerous liquids;
  • cleaning off residious oil films from water surface, a reservoir, coastline, soil, tile or road;
  • cleaning and disinfection of kitchen equipment, food production machinery, food and feedstuff production and storage facilities
  • cleaning of water, oil and waste tanks from fatty and other deposits;
  • cleaning and biocleaning of waste and faecal and toilet systems (eliminating scale, salt deposits and bad smells);
  • cleaning of hands and so forth from any industrial dirt and pollution;
  • neutrolizing of bad smells at any place including organic waste and garbage depots;  
  • cleaning and re-activation of aerobic and other bacteria-based waste water treatment systems, septic tanks, any floor and carpets;  
  • supplying cleaning and spill treatment companies or units etc.

Our products and equipment will help to solve any problem or task quickly, safely, with a guarantee of result and the minimum expenses:

  • to any enterprise in the industry and agriculture, in the sphere of housing and communal services or the state services, on transport or in power generating industry, in metallurgy, automotive industry or the chemical industry;
  • to federal, municipal or private business;
  • to each and every private person in the apartment, at a dacha, in garage, in the country, inside the house or outdoors.

All offered cleaning and absorbent materials allow INDEPENDENTLY, (simply, quickly and safely) to collect spill of any liquid from water or a firm surface, to remove any most permanent pollution or bad smell. You can do all the job using our material only, WITHOUT involvement of any service companies, with the minimum expenses and the maximum effect.