Успей заказать ЛРТЖ поддоны для бочек и IBC кубов! Есть на складе. Доступные цены. Торг уместен. ))

Универсальный минеральный абсорбент СОРБИКС, осушитель подстилки с дезэффектом Хлорисан, гидрозатворы / многоразмерные пневматические заглушки для труб, сорбирующие рулоны, салфетки, подушки и боны, ЛАРН оборудование, ЛРТЖ поддоны для бочек и IBC - всегда в наличии на складе в 20 км от Москвы. Заказывайте и забирайте сразу после зачисления оплаты.

LLC "Runtime Systems"

01.12.2013 - our Anniversary! 15 years we have been supplying the best and most efficient spill absorbent and spill containment products to ensure better standards of industrial safety and environment protection. 

 We are an importer, official representative and sales office in Russia and CIS for a number of leading international manufacturers of:

  • Spill containment pallets, trays, decks, drum karts, dispenser systems for IBC, drums, cans etc. Made in England.
  • Multipurpose mineral absorbents. Made in Denmark.
  • Chemical and biochemical products for cleaning and water treatment. Made in Norway and USA.
  • Absorbent booms, pads, pillows, rolls (oil only, chemical, universal). Made in PRC.
  • Organic, biodegraded absorbents for oil only spills. Made in Russia.
  • Oil spill dispersants. Made in Singapore and Norway.
  • Oil spill treatment equipment etc. Made in Russia.

We are based in Moscow and ready to source your spill treatment tasks directly from our warehouse or production facilities in EU, SEA or Russia.

Telephone: + 7 495 545-77-25  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.